Meet The Manager

Ronnie "The Dragon" Essett

Meet the Manager

Ronnie "The Dragon" Essett began learning how to box and fight as a teenager. Ronnie burst onto the amateur boxing scene in 1982 after winning the Amateur Boxing Federation title weighing in at 147lbs. Winning the national championship afforded Ronnie the opportunity to be invited to be a part of the USA Boxing Team. Capturing the 1984 National Golden Gloves 156lb title qualified him to be a participant in the 1984 Olympic Boxing Trials. After the 1984 Olympics, Ronnie graduated from an amateur to a professional. As a professional boxer Ronnie challenged many fighters including Doug Dewitt, Chris Eubanks and Robbie Sims. After a successful amateur and professional boxing career Ronnie retired in 1997 with a 27-6-2 (16) record.

Ronnie is currently residing in Southern California and working at The Boxing District gym in Los Angeles as the manager and master trainer. To find out more about Ronnie "The Dragon" Essett please visit or

“There are people who don’t wish to box but want to follow a boxing regime to stay in shape. I enjoy teaching those people” -Ronnie Essett