Why Boxing

Boxing teaches people to be strong both physically and mentally; how to “take a punch” and not turn and run. Fight or flight? Reality is sometimes you must fight. Below are some important benefits of boxing.

Become a Better Athlete

Whether you play sports on a recreational level team or are a professional athlete, boxing will make you more explosive than ever with your movements and will help you build endurance. Boxing requires your core to work constantly. You will become faster with your hands and on your feet, and you can take those newly honed skills to every other sport you play.

Improved Self Confidence

One of the primary benefits of boxing is that it’s one of those sports that empowers you. The sport allows you to be aware of your positive qualities and abilities, as well as recognize your faults, mistakes and shortcomings. You will understand the need to change things and maneuver through difficult situations without becoming defensive.

Psychological Strength

Inner strength comes from overcoming resistance and adversity. In boxing you will find resistance in your learning process, your fitness level and. of course, your opponent. Boxing teaches you how to be calm and focused on your ultimate goal in the midst of chaos. Life is very chaotic and boxing will help you look it straight in the eye and say, “bring it on.”

Stress Relief

Physical activity is a stress reducer; by hitting your zone and focusing on the technique required to throw a perfect punch. Doing something you enjoy that’s challenging and fulfilling, you become naturally happier. Boxing is a sport where there's always something new to learn or refine to perfect your form. This sport offers excitement whether you’re stepping into the ring for the first or hundredth time.

Weight Loss

Tired of crash diet, fads and disappointment? If you burn 500 more eat, everyday than you should lose about 1-2 pounds. Boxing is a high impact workout that delivers big results and is easy on the joints. You can burn 500 or more calories during a boxing workout. Boxing workouts are a combination of jumping rope, calisthenics such as mountain climbers and burpees, hitting the heavy bag, shadowboxing and hitting the pads. Not only can boxing help you lose weight, it also helps to tone and strengthen your muscles, gain strength physically and mentally, and keep the mind sharp.

Why Wait

We all want to live our lives to the fullest and boxing can help you do that. Being a happier person, reducing stress, creating great relationships, excelling at your career and becoming better at your recreational activity can all be derived from the beautiful sport we call boxing. Now call The Boxing District and reap the rewards that boxing offers today!

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